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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

William and Kate Royal Wedding

William and Kate Royal Wedding

David Cameron will wear his work clothes.

How disappointing that our Prime Minister, David Cameron, will be dressed inappropriately at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton.

Let me offer an opinion …… if you can’t present yourself properly in front of an estimated 2 billion people worldwide …… representing the British people …. then just don’t attend and send a representative in your place that can do the traditional job properly.

Every serviceman and woman that is on parade in London on the 29th April for William and Kates Royal Wedding will have spent many many hours just making sure that they present themselves perfectly for the occasion and to see our head of government turn out in his ordinary working clothes is, in my opinion, an absolute disgrace ….. and that is without even thinking about the disrespect that it is showing to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The break with tradition, as Number 10 describes it, cannot have any excuse whatsoever. The invitations may well include ‘lounge suit’ as an option but that is for the many people of lower standing that the Morning Suit would be inappropriate for…. and that is not our Prime Minister.

Everyone attending the Royal Wedding from all around the world will be dressed in their finest to make the occasion what it is … very special ….. everyone will be looking at David Cameron and thinking the same thing …why have you come dressed like that?

It will be likened in the future to the ‘Only fools and horses’ episode where Del and Rodney turn up at a funeral dressed as Batman and Robin. The only difference is that Del and Rodders are fictional characters that turn up at the ‘party’ not knowing that the host has died and that it has been turned into a wake. Our Prime Minister is going to get it wrong by choice.

If he goes ahead with the lounge suit, perhaps history will remember him as …

                                                              David (Del Boy) Cameron

                                                                             or just

                                                               David (Del) Cameron

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