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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

William and Kate Royal Wedding

William and Kate Royal Wedding

David Cameron will wear his work clothes.

How disappointing that our Prime Minister, David Cameron, will be dressed inappropriately at the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton.

Let me offer an opinion …… if you can’t present yourself properly in front of an estimated 2 billion people worldwide …… representing the British people …. then just don’t attend and send a representative in your place that can do the traditional job properly.

Every serviceman and woman that is on parade in London on the 29th April for William and Kates Royal Wedding will have spent many many hours just making sure that they present themselves perfectly for the occasion and to see our head of government turn out in his ordinary working clothes is, in my opinion, an absolute disgrace ….. and that is without even thinking about the disrespect that it is showing to Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The break with tradition, as Number 10 describes it, cannot have any excuse whatsoever. The invitations may well include ‘lounge suit’ as an option but that is for the many people of lower standing that the Morning Suit would be inappropriate for…. and that is not our Prime Minister.

Everyone attending the Royal Wedding from all around the world will be dressed in their finest to make the occasion what it is … very special ….. everyone will be looking at David Cameron and thinking the same thing …why have you come dressed like that?

It will be likened in the future to the ‘Only fools and horses’ episode where Del and Rodney turn up at a funeral dressed as Batman and Robin. The only difference is that Del and Rodders are fictional characters that turn up at the ‘party’ not knowing that the host has died and that it has been turned into a wake. Our Prime Minister is going to get it wrong by choice.

If he goes ahead with the lounge suit, perhaps history will remember him as …

                                                              David (Del Boy) Cameron

                                                                             or just

                                                               David (Del) Cameron

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Thursday, 14 April 2011

William and Kate Royal Wedding and The Engagement Ring

William and Kate Royal Wedding and The Engagement Ring

Kate Middleton has lost a little weight over the last few weeks following her engagement to Prince William and she is having her engagement ring made smaller to fit her finger better.

Kate has asked jewelers to alter the ring as she prepares for the Royal Wedding with Prince William on April 29.

The famous sapphire and diamond ring was originally made by Garrards (then Crown Jewelers) and famously worn by Diana, Princess of Wales.

Kate has asked Crown jewellers G Collins and Sons to modify the ring with small platinum beads inside the bottom of the ring to make it a size smaller but without making drastic changes … since it is worth an estimated £32 million due to its very famour history.

You can visit Garrards Jewelers as part of our William and Kate Royal Wedding Walking Tour which takes 2 ½ hours of very easy walking.

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William and Kate Royal Wedding = www.williamkateroyalwedding.org

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

William and Kate Royal Wedding Dress

William and Kate Royal Wedding Dress

Who will make the royal wedding dress for Kate Middleton when she marries Prince William?

Well the answer is a royally guarded secret but after the 29th of April we will all – or at least an estimated 2 billion people worldwide – have seen it and the secret will be out. The dress design is expected to shape the style of wedding dresses for many years to come, just as William’s mother Lady Diana Spencer’s did when she married Prince Charles.

Everyone is sure that Kate will be flying the flag for Britain with a British designer and the designers Bruce Oldfield and Phillipa Lepley are hotly tipped as favourites.

Also hotly tipped is that the dress will be white. It is, after all, one of the most cherished wedding traditions in Britain and is historically credited to a previous Monarch – Queen Victoria – as starting the tradition.

Prior to 1840 brides would typically wear their best dress for the occasion of their wedding and this would usually be in their favourite colour. Most brides of the time would wear the dress on many occasions, not just on the wedding day.

But when Queen Victoria wore a silk satin dress, with a Honiton lace veil and orange blossoms in her hair to marry Prince Albert in 1840, things changed. The Industrial Revolution was in full swing and with a growth of a ‘middle class’ with an increase in wealth, wedding dresses began to be specifically for the ceremony and nothing else. We were seeing more of the population that were able to do that.

White started to get more and more popular but after World War I it became the predominant bridal colour.

Queen Victoria really wasn’t the first bride to wear white on her wedding day. But she is the one credited with starting this most followed of bridal traditions.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

William and Kate Royal Wedding Stag-Do and Hen- Do

‘Hen do’ parties and weekends usually consist of letting your hair down and drinking an awful lot of alcohol and generally having lots of fun with friends. Not quite so with the William and Kate parties. The William and Kate Royal Wedding Tour will take you to see a couple of likely venues.

Kate Middleton went in a slightly different direction with a small gathering of close friends and family for a quiet night in – rather than the traditional night on the town.

The night was organised at the home of a friend, to enable the future Princess to stay well out of the public eye, by her younger sister Pippa, who will be Maid of Honour at the Royal Wedding. Four venues were also booked in London to throw the press off the real location.

William Kate Royal Wedding Tour

It is thought that this has been in a bid by William and Kate to head off any tabloid press scandal in the lead up to the Royal Wedding in a few weeks.

Both Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to have escaped with their reputations ‘intact’ with their stag and hen do’s and it has apparently been a disappointment for the nation’s media. Prince William also had a relatively private and quiet stag night.

Kate is said not be a drinker and hence the hen- night was a ‘low key’ affair.

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Monday, 4 April 2011

William and Kate Royal Wedding charities

William and Kate Support Charities with the Royal Wedding

There are 23 charities that will benefit from The Royal Wedding as Prince William and Kate Middleton announce their wedding list charity fund. These charitable causes will be supported as William and Kate have requested that wedding guests and well-wishers donate to the charities rather than give a wedding gift.

The Royal Wedding List Gift Fund

• Ocean Youth Trust

• Peace Players

• Greenhouse Schools

• Keyfund

• Dance United

• Into University

• Venture Trust

• Beat Bullying

• Oily Cart

• A National Voice Association for Children’s Palliative Care

• Youth Access Community Foundation in Wales

• Community Foundation in Berkshire

• Community Foundation in Scotland

• Army Widows Association

• Cruse Bereavement Care for Children of Forces’ Families

• Household Cavalry Benevolent Fund

• ZSL Earthwatch

• Combat Stress

• Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

• Irish Guards Appeal

• Royal Flying Doctor Service Australia

• New Zealand Government’s Christchurch Earthquake Appeal

• The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

As you can see, most of the charities are UK based and several focus on youth.

Six service charities also feature, showing just how much of an influence Prince William’s military career has had on his thinking.

There are three overseas charities that have been selected, including the New Zealand Government’s Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, the Prince recently visited New Zealand in the aftermath of the recent earthquake and some members of the press unkindly called it ‘the disaster tour’.

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Thursday, 31 March 2011

William and Kate Wedding

Visitors to the UK and buying the William and Kate Royal Wedding Tour are also taking the opportunity to do a Self Drive Tour of Britain with the help of the British Tour Plans' Itineraries and Tourplans.

The Royal Wedding is a month away and William and Kate just can't wait.

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Thursday, 17 March 2011

William and Kate Royal Wedding

British Tour Plans have just released the William and Kate Royal Wedding tour.

The tour is in several parts, the first is a walking tour which takes about 2 to 21/2 hours, is flat with easy walking and lots of stops on the way to view the sights and take photographs. There is lots of information and detail for each stop around central London with a walking map.  Tie this William and Kate Royal Wedding tour with your sightseeing in London.

This then is extended with the option of a visit the Tower of London and then out to Royal Windsor.

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