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Thursday, 31 March 2011

William and Kate Wedding

Visitors to the UK and buying the William and Kate Royal Wedding Tour are also taking the opportunity to do a Self Drive Tour of Britain with the help of the British Tour Plans' Itineraries and Tourplans.

The Royal Wedding is a month away and William and Kate just can't wait.

The William and Kate Royal Wedding Tour  splits into three parts, the first is an easy walking tour, the second is an optional part visiting the Tower of London, and the third pard is another option visiting Royal Windsor and includes another walking tour of Windsor and Eton.

Each part of this William and Kate tour is independant of the other, you don't have to do it all and William and Kate won't mind if you do the tour before the Royal Wedding or afterwards. 

Visit William and Kate Royal Wedding for more details.

Or visit British Tour Plans to see the whole range of Tourplans and Itineraries for self drive tours of Great Britain.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

William and Kate Royal Wedding

British Tour Plans have just released the William and Kate Royal Wedding tour.

The tour is in several parts, the first is a walking tour which takes about 2 to 21/2 hours, is flat with easy walking and lots of stops on the way to view the sights and take photographs. There is lots of information and detail for each stop around central London with a walking map.  Tie this William and Kate Royal Wedding tour with your sightseeing in London.

This then is extended with the option of a visit the Tower of London and then out to Royal Windsor.

Each part of the tour can be done totally separately and individually.

As usual with all the British Tour Plans, the William and Kate Royal Wedding Tour is available only as a digital download in PDF format and available instantly after passing through the secure payment page so that you can .....

 'Buy it NOW and Download it NOW' 

The price .... just one price for as many people as you have in your group .... only .... £8.95

Do the tour either before or after the wedding .... I'm sure William and Kate won't mind!

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