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Thursday, 14 April 2011

William and Kate Royal Wedding and The Engagement Ring

William and Kate Royal Wedding and The Engagement Ring

Kate Middleton has lost a little weight over the last few weeks following her engagement to Prince William and she is having her engagement ring made smaller to fit her finger better.

Kate has asked jewelers to alter the ring as she prepares for the Royal Wedding with Prince William on April 29.

The famous sapphire and diamond ring was originally made by Garrards (then Crown Jewelers) and famously worn by Diana, Princess of Wales.

Kate has asked Crown jewellers G Collins and Sons to modify the ring with small platinum beads inside the bottom of the ring to make it a size smaller but without making drastic changes … since it is worth an estimated £32 million due to its very famour history.

You can visit Garrards Jewelers as part of our William and Kate Royal Wedding Walking Tour which takes 2 ½ hours of very easy walking.

You can download the entire tour instantly here William and Kate Royal Wedding Tour

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